Oil and Gas Projects

TNN LTD represent and distribute equipment for several manufacturers, most of which are registered on the approved vendor lists of some of the major Oil and Gas companies throughout the world.



One of the main activities of TNN LTD is to manage and coordinate the preparation and implementation of integrated petroleum programmes and projects outside Russia, which cover all stages from exploration to onshore oil field development in any part of the world.
Such programmes and projects include conduction of full operational cycle from geological research to complete construction of oil-field facilities provided by infrastructure, drilling rigs and other equipment supplies, as well as prospecting of scientific R&D and planning establishments, together with companies-operators.
This activity includes combined supplies of necessary process equipment (main and support), transportation vehicles, construction machinery, materials and spare parts. Wide spectrum of activities in exploration, drilling, production and development of oil and gas fields is based upon scientific expertise and application of up to-date technologies and equipment.
Realization of complex projects can be on the contractual.

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