Supply of Equipment

The TNN LTD is dealing with export – import operations both in supply of totally built complexes and separate deliveries according to a client’s desire.



The equipment for drilling deep producing and exploratory oil wells.
Drilling rigs for any wells as well as mobile drilling rigs.
The equipment for wellhead sealing supplied with preventers, manifold and operation control unit.
Drill pipes of all types.
Turbo drills, electric drills and motors.
Rolling and diamond drilling bits, cutter drilling heads for core sampling.
Mobile machines for developing and repairing oil and gas wells.
Equipment for operating oil and gas wells:
• Xmas tree and casing heads;
• oil and gas pipeline fittings, shutoff and flow valves;
• oil pumps.
Equipment for oil desalination and dehydration.
Auto vehicles, heavy weights hoisting cranes and road building machines for oil and gas pipeline construction.
Steel storage tanks and associated equipment.
Equipment for servicing stations:
• metal-cutting machine tools, electric welding equipment;
• equipment for TV and wire communications;
• equipment for camp settlings, housing and living blocks for oil workers and engineers shifts.

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